Linux shell scripting cookbook

It takes a while for somebody to master Unix/Linux tools and the environment. But, once you master the art of Unixy environment, you would love and live with it forever. Even though there are numerous books on Linux scripting, a cookbook is the most useful one as reference whenever you want to acheive some task very quickly. This book goes through short 110 receipies that covers most of the essential routine tasks that one encounters in a unix environment.

When I was doing my undergrad at my college, lot of my friends used to seek my help on “How to do this thing on Linux ?” I kept on getting same kind of questions from many. I thought that it would be helpful if I have a cookbook that would help everyone who encounter these problems. I worked on this book during my final year in college and published it before I left college. It was quite exciting experience to publish a book while in college.

Paperback as well as e-book versions of the book can be obtained from the publisher website.

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