Sarath Lakshman is a software engineer living in Bangalore, India. He is a developer working on indexing and storage problems at enterprise NoSQL database company, Couchbase. Sarath is a hacktivist of opensource software and had contributed to various projects. He has published ariticles on opensource and also authored a book on Linux shell scripting.

He loves working on system software, distributed systems and storage engines.

He is best known for:

  • Core developer of zBase, an open source scalable distributed storage platform that powers Zynga.
  • Author of Linux Shell Scripting Cookbook by Packt publishers.
  • Developer of a user friendly GNU/Linux distribution called Slynux during high school.
  • Author of many technical articles published on LinuxForYou magazine.
  • Participation in Google Summer of Code during the years 2008, 2009 and 2010
  • Workshops and talks at various Free and Opensource events.

Sarath can be contacted at [email protected]