KDE conference in India - confKDEIn

If you are a FOSS enthusiast or an avid GNU/Linux user, there is no need for an introduction to the KDE deskop environment. KDE one of the big and nice FOSS projects in the world. KDE is built up on the top of Qt toolkit.

KDE-India is organising conf.kde.in, an event for Qt and KDE contributors and enthusiasts to meet up, share their knowledge, contribute, learn, play, have fun and create limitless possibilities using Qt and KDE technologies. KDE-India is a group of volunteers who are a part of the worldwide KDE community, and have been meeting up at various FOSS events in India. We have given Qt and KDE talks at various colleges and universities in India. The main objective is to organize an all-inclusive conference on Qt and KDE in India that would cater to beginners as well as experienced folks.

This is not a high end geek conference but a beginner level conference where you can attend and learn a lot.

One of the primary goals of this conference is to make students aware of latest Qt and KDE technologies and trends. They will get a chance to listen and interact with Indian and international KDE contributors, industry professionals and Qt/KDE experts. We highly recommend students to take part in the event and learn how to create amazing Qt and KDE applications for desktop and mobile platforms and be part of the community. To find out more, do read our selection of talks and workshops on the conference website.

Mark the dates 9 - 11 of March 2011 on your calendar to attend confKDEIn. To read more or register for the event, please check out http://conf.kde.in