Google Summer of Code 2010

Finally this year’s Google Summer of Code 2010 students are announced. Glad to announce, I am one of them :)

This is my third year of participation with Google Summer of Code programs. It was fun working with different project and mentors along the recent years. This year’s selection procedures gave me a lot of input and support while talking to some of new mentors from different organisations Gentoo and Meego. I am with the Pardus due to my Pardus love. I enjoy it. But I missed other projects since I can work only on one project. I am thinking of working on the project I had proposed (not in gsoc context.) for fun.

This time I will be developing Live OS installer for Pardus. Also I will be developing Live CD creator from a Pardus installation. Optionally I have some more ideas out of gsoc context with Pardus, being a pardus developer. I will be writing a pisi-offline tool which is similar to Apt-On-CD on Ubuntu. But the one I am developing will be much better than Apt-On-CD which works based on package cache. But pisi-offline will not rely on cache. But the real installed applications.

My assigned mentor for the project is Mete Alpaslan, who is the author of Yali4 installer for Pardus :)

Project link:

There is more glad news from my College, there is one more student from my College. Narayanan K, who would be working with OAR suite. His project url :

Congrats to all students :)