G1 software update

I updated my G1 some of the latest things.

  1. ROM upgrade to Cyanogenmod

Move the downloaded update-cm- to sdcard

Turn G1 on by pressing HOME + POWER button. From recovery menu, select update from zip and perform ROM upgrade.

  1. 10 MB extra RAM fro GPU memory map hack

Move boot-cm_2629-dp_mem-xtra.img to sdcard

From terminal-emulator,

$ su

# flash_image boot /sdcard/boot-cm_2629-dp_mem-xtra.img

# reboot
  1. Update for Radio to version G1-radio-

Move G1-radio-2_22_23_02.zip to sdcard

As described in (1), update to this zip file.

I think all of my reception problems with android got fixed.


[1] http://download.cyanogenmod.com/update-cm-

[2] http://droidbasement.com/g1/kernels/boot-cm_2629-dp_mem-xtra.img

[3] http://download602.mediafire.com/jmnjgtbtzcTg/zgnzmex2mrj/G1-radio-2_22_23_02.zip