The new year post :)

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Happy New year to all :)

The 2009 has end. When I look back to the year 2009, lots of events and moments scroll around my mind. It was a very unique year in my life till now. Till 2009, I was very rigid with my thinking and activities around. I was categorized to be a geek and I lived around that circle. But there happened lots of changes and the environment was totally different in the year 2009. I watched more around the world rather than sitting in front of an electronic box most of the time. i started to become more social. I received more new friends, lots of fun, lots of serious stuff and lot more. Only one word suits better for that year with respect to my life, its very “Dynamic”. The year brought to me a lot of changes, lots of life learnings, lots of visions. It was really awesome to keep in memory.

2010 started off with nice traits. We had a lot of fun with friends around. I am doing absolutely nothing these days. But I love the very calm and peaceful environment around.

But more techie savvy stuffs are in my workshop TODO, it includes Android, Linux kernel and more fun.

Once again, wishing you all a very Happy new year 2010.