I own an HTC G1, Android phone

HTC Dream G1

Finally my dream full filled by owning an HTC Dream aka HTC G1 powered by Android Open Source operating system. I have been playing around it for the last two days and I have become absolutely an addict.

I got an unlocked T-mobile G1 which was linked to someone’s Google Account. I did a master reset. After that it required to connect to the internet for linking the phone with a google account.? It requires a GPRS/EDGE connection. It cannot be configured with Wifi during this stage. Afterwards I could use the phone with all features. The biggest advantage of Android is that it has Google account integration. We can sync our phone contacts to the Gmail contacts. Also we have access to all gmail contacts. Also Google Calender is very helpful in synchronising events and tasks. G1 has got excellent sound quality as I felt. Youtube player is another interesting application, which is very optimised for the G1 screen so that videos look awesome.

Android market has got plenty of free applications. I spent most of the time surfing the android market. Found lots of nice applications. The GPS device which comes with the G1 can identify the location where we are standing and it will show the position on map. It can also post entry to the google maps. G1 has a poor battery backup. That is the negative point I have noticed.

g1 Innovative keypad unlocking using patterns

It suits me well for to be connected with Gmail, Twitter, Orkut, gtalk, IRC and lot more. I will update with more Android hacks and experiments..