Google Chrome alpha build :)


The much awaited browser Google Chrome for GNU/Linux is available as unstable alpha now. That sounds cool.

I was staying tuned at the open source project Chromium project. A couple of months back I had tried alpha version of Chromium browser. Chromium and Google Chrome are different. Chromium is an open source browser project based on Google Chrome. Google chrome is officially Google’s release.


I gave a try to Google Chrome alpha for GNU/Linux. Looks interesting. The chromium blog suggests not to install it and its a mass crashing software. It wont bother for me since I am tryout freak. When I tried out chromium alpha build, that was crashing every minute instantanously, but Google chrome alpha didn’t crash for me for the last 20 mins of usage. I loved the fast javascript engine. Its really cool.

You can download it from the developer channel

Get the deb package from here