Progress with Pardusman

Hey all.

pardus 2009I have been getting extremely lazy to blog enough these days. I have came across lots of new updates with pardusman project. The first improvement is with the UI graphic design. After building the UI layout I was staying tuned for comments and suggestions for improvement. Hiran came to me and told that he is interested to help me regarding UI. HIran is a UI guy on inkscape, Gimp, fonts etc.

We had a 1 hour IRC meeting that evening and discussed the UI plan. I got the UI for the first page in a couple of hours and I loved it. I found it awesome. I also grabed rest of the pages from Hiran of Human Factor Interface team. Have a look at the new designs.

Soon after I received the UI graphics I started working with coding it to html/css. The development became very rapid and found it enthusiastic.

I have setup a git project repo on

See git://

You can grab the latest working by making a clone.

$ git clone git://

Follow my twitter updates for more :)

Also I have setup a forwarded port server from my laptop so that everyone can look at current development version and comments.

See Note: This url will not be up always. It would be up when my laptop is up.

Having great fun with it. Stay tuned !