Life, Update and Progress

I am entering another phase of academic circle and the same time going to hack on some more life instances. It was partly failure with life during my IIIrd semester since I was bad with health.

Now university semester exams are over and I am in the IVth semester. Around three large FOSS conferences : FOSS.IN, National Free Software Meet, International Freesoftware Conference has passed by and I couldn’t make my presence at any of there conferences due to various reasons. I really miss all those events. It is very glad to see that God’s own country is hosting numerous FOSS events.

I have been extremely busy at college being the part of organising team for Technopreneur and Excel 2k9.

Technopreneur 2009

Technopreneur is an annually conducted event hosted by Model Engineering College, Cochin. So many great personalities will be present at the event, delivering inspiring talks and interacting with attendees. It is a golden opportunity for everyone to interact  with CEOs and several other great personalities. Over the past version of Technopreneur several CEOs like Kris Gopalakrishnan of Infy, Suhas Gopinath of Globals, S. Parthasarathy of Mindree Consulting had present during the event. This time it is scheduled for Jan 31st and will be held at Gokulam Park Inn, Cochin.

The highlight speakers of Technopreneur 2009 includes Kiran Bedhi (first woman to get IPS in India), N. Ram ( Cheif Editor THE HINDU), Sarath Babu (The CEO of Foodking) and more. Wait for the techopreneur promotional blog post.

I am involved with Webdesign work  for the Technopreneur 2009. The website will be up in a couple of days and registration will be open. Check out .


The latest with Model Engineering College is about FOSSMEET which is almost scheduled to be conducted in accordance with Excel 2k9. MEC is a FOSS planet. Because we run our college completely on Free and Open Source Tools. We run our LABS completely on Debian and hosts web server, mail server, dns server on LAMP. Even though we have lots of potential geeks who work on GNU/Linux platform, we miss out community style of hacking. Our enthusiasts are scattered. We aim at organising all enthusiasts at MEC through this fossmeet so that more and more contributers will come out from MEC.

Since the one day fossmeet is going to be conducted for the first time, I have to hold certain burden of making the stuff work. I am seeking for sponsorship for the FOSSMEET. It would be worth for any Organisation / Company to sponsor the fossmeet at Model Engineering College, Cochin since we are running on FOSS for the past one decade. Moreover numerous students and delegates will be present at the Excel 2k9 so that it is a better place for advertising. So please do come forward, promote foss. Help us to make it happen.

happy hacking !