Software Freedom Day

Happy Software Freedom Day Wishes !

I am having a odd experience with this SFD 2008. I missed the SFD event organised by SMC since I have been under bed rest after an unexpected surgery. Moreover I had planned very early itself to organise an SFD event at Model Engineering College. I registered the MEC-Tux team at MEC at SoftwareFreedomDay official website for recieving free goodies and were planning well how to conduct the event. Surprisingly the free goodies SFD received the Cochin airport and was caught by the customs. Somebody from courier services called me and told me to pay Rs. 1200 as customs duty. I got confused. I called Anivar seeking help. He told that it is some sort of misunderstanding and these goodies it come under the terms of gift. I went mailing the SFD team for receiving some disclaimer letter notifying that sent goods are gift-educational-material. I called back to courier services again and tried to convince that it comes under terms of gift-educational-materials and I can show them letter from the sender. Unfortunately the courier services team had collected the goods from customs and paid duty for it. So I was totally helpless to pay customs duty Rs. 1200 myself for releaving free goodies worth 75 euros. I denied the acceptance of the goods.

Thus my dream of celebrating SFD at college got busted. Soon after two weeks I became a patient and was hospitalised. My plans got > /dev/null .

As I heard from Hiran’s blog SFD was celebrated very grantly at Malabar Christian College, Calicut.

I’m helpless…

Join us now and share the software, You’ll be free, hackers, you’ll be free.

Picture courtesy: SFD singapore team