SMC Rocking again !

Swathantra Malayalam Computing is a FOSSy Organisation to promote malayalam computing. Recently SMC has been working on transliteration/ localization for KDE 4.1 - ml. I could also join the team and contribute by translating some 75 strings :).

Malayalam is the first language Indian language to complete the localisation in short span of time. So ml became included with KDE 4.1.

I’m really late to blog about SMC’s KDE release party held at Trivandrum press club. I had planned to join the event. But I was down with fever. I badly missed the event.

It is a fascinating experience to work on translation. It isn’t that difficult to do translation. Technically it is much easier. There is are several tools like poedit, kbabel etc available for editing po files ( translation files). You could just type the translated equvalent word in the same format in the given space. Just have a look at screenshot of poedit.

Now SMC is working on Gnome localisation to malayalam. It would be great some interested people could volunteer to work on translation. It is much easier even type words. Phonetic keyboard tools like Swanalekha can simplify the task. I am poor at inscript keyboard layout. So I used to work with swanalekha fine.

Even though I missed the KDE release party, I am lucky to receive a certificate from SMC :)