One day at Dreamajax

Well, I have coupled the Dreamajax visit also with my Bangalore journey.

Dreamajax Technologies Pvt. Ltd is a Bangalore based recently incorporated Web Application Developement / Services company. It works at Cyberpark in Electronic City, STPI Incubation centre. I have been in touch with Ram Kumar, The CEO and founder of Dreamajax since the time he started freelance business. Its been an inspiring story of Ram Kumar with his urge to become an entrenpuer. He started his freelance business back in 2005 after graduating MSc Software Engineering from Bharatiar University. He became a freelancer who worked with web technologies over different on-line websites. Later he expanded his business by recruiting a couple of freshers to work on web technologies. It was in a 10x10 ft room at Coimbatore. In 2008 he moved his business to Bangalore at Cyberpark. Now they have got wide range of domains to work with over web.

Ram Kumar, CEO and Founder

Last week I was lucky to have my two days at Dreamajax. I reached Cyberpark on 29th morning along with Ram Kumar and his friend Ashwin and was having a very nice time at the company. There was some little conference arranged and I spoke about Migration to GNU/Linux. I hadn’t made any preparations or slides. So I feel the talk went bad. I showed the staff Ubuntu, Fedora and SLYNUX distros. Next session was handled by Ashwin. He is a living server about technology and he now works as Vice President - Engineering at Dreamajax.

Ashwin K. Whitchurch, Vice President-Engineering

The facilities at STPI, Dreamajax campus was awesome. Nobody will comment that it is a startup company. They have got all facilities and well furnished office and cubicles. I couldn’t believe it was a start-up. Anyway, kudos to the STPI, Govt of India for the initiatives for promoting new entrepreneurs. I got a good chance to interact with most of the people at dreamajax and learned about the domain of their business. Dreamajax is doing business based on Open Source web technologies. Their major domain of interest is OpenX, PHPFox, Ruby on Rails and writing modules for different web applications. OpenX is an open source ad server which handles Google ads like private services. Currently dreamajax employs 24 people. Ram Kumar told me that there is a great leverage in business when he moved to a technology park. All employees get charged themselves by the job friendly environment out there. Earlier he had to work hard to motivate them.

I used to hear that employees are in much stress and irritated at most ITES companies. But at dreamajax, I found emplyoees are all having very cool and friendly. Dreamajax is looking more towards technology by doing innovations in their business.

Dreamajax seems like a very emerging company to bring lots of innovations.

Wishing the entire team to have good growth with Dreamajax. Special thanks to Ram Kumar for giving me an opportunity to visit their campus.