Move to Fedora

I have been hanging around with ubuntu love with couple of months. Being a Summer of Code student for Fedora and the convenience as development platform, I moved to Fedora Release 9.

It was only after numerous stupid accidents, I could complete Fedora 9 downloads. My internet connection at college sucks ! I used to get some 3 - 4 kbps download speed. and the connection is broken most times. So I decided to download at home. I have BSNL Home 500 connection at home. Due to bandwidth restrictions, I had to wait till 2 am to get free downloads ( 2am - 8am ). The first day of my trial ended up with failure. I had selected some slow mirror and the connection got broken half way. When I woke up, I got disappointed with this crap piece of news. I commanded ( wget -c ) to get the remaining portion from another mirror. Finally after some hours the ISO was ready. I tried it on VirtualBox… and haa.. the iso doesn’t seem to work. It failed with SHA1SUM check.

Waiting for another 2am to arrive ! This time, I forgot to schedule the download and I woke up late ! Next time, took the good choice of Bittorrent for ISO, which eventually was fast enough (some 80 kbps ) and the distro got downloaded the next day.

Finally I am moved. Now, feeling comfortable with Yum, Yummy.

Fedora desktop

Ubuntu desktop

Now, I recall my previous transitions :

Redhat 9 -> Knoppix 3.1 -> knoppix 3.4 -> Debian Sarge -> Kanotix -> Opensuse -> Slynux -> Ubuntu -> Fedora 9