SLYNUX torrent


These days seems happier since I received a couple of mails from SLYNUX users. Its glad to know that, still some people use SLYNUX as their regular desktop. SLYNUX has outdated with time due to lack of updation. I regret about it. I’m always urged my many motivations to release SLYNUX 3.0. But truely speaking, this hectic life doesn’t give enough time to work on it. I promise, someday it will be back with same sort of innovation and userfriendliness with better stability.

Today I got a mail from some unknown nicknamed E3Po saying that he/she has setup a fast torrent for slynux 2.0. The old torrent was damn slow [ almost dead ]. The new torrent rocks. He told that in 16 hours after torrent setup stats are like this : Torrent file downloads: 30, Peers: 7, seeders: 10, leechers: 17

I just tried the torrent and found that its really fast enough as direct download :)

Here is the link :

Thank you, E3pO.