Google Summer of Code. Voila I'm there.

gsoc Finally, Google Summer of Code application selection list has published. Gladly, I’m one among the list. This is the fourth edition of google summer of code program which is held annually by google for promoting Open Source Software development. Lots students across the world contribute by writing code during gsoc period. Lots of open source organisations(google shortlisted organisations) project ideas. Students can either choose some idea or they can propose idea of their own and submit project proposals. The organisations will review the applications and they will select eligible students. They will be given 3 months time period for planning and coding.

For more info on gsoc program see FAQ.

I am selected for non-linear editor / Screen cast helper project under Fedora as mentor organisation. Basically I will be working for updation and addition of some features to an existing Open Source video editor PiTiVi including direct screen cast from GNU/Linux desktop. I came up with the idea of a basic video editor based on ffmpeg platform. ie, I was planning to writing a GUI for ffmpeg which is rich library having only a commandline interface. In GNU/Linux platform, we really miss a simple video editor for carrying out simple tasks such as cutting movie clips, mixing, converting between formats etc. I found similar idea on Fedora community gsoc 2008 project list put forwarded by Kushal Das. Developing an ogg video editor. I was impressed and applied for it. Finally, John Palmieri came up offering me mentoring if I could do updation and making PiTiVi much usable by adding some features. I was impressed by looking at PiTiVi and applied for the project.

Today the news is up. “ Congratulations !, I am selected for gsoc 2008 :D

gsoc2008 I would like to thank Santhosh Thottingal, for urging me to apply for gsoc 2008.

The challenge: I have to work on PyGTK with a combination of gstreamer python bindings and gnonlin. Even though these libs would be much more interesting to work. I dont think it isn’t easier. I haven’t probed my hands much into these libs for hacks till now. Its going to be the first attempt anyway. Anyway the target is a challenge limited in 3 months time. Its a fun in doing everything with FOSS !

Latest: University exams are scheduled for June :D. Since I’m gonna play with gsoc project, GOD truly knows what I’m going to write for exams.

Cheers! Have fun.

UPDATE: I have successfully completed the work with PiTiVi :) Read follow ups here.