#/bin/sh ExcelMec 2k8


Today, It was one of the funniest days at my college. The annual techfest of Model Engineering College, ExcelMec 2k8 is going well at college on these days Jan 31 - Feb 2. There are enough number of innovative events and contests. Events ranges from various tech contests to Robo show and lot more.

I just tried my luck with Linux Guru contest. There were altogether three rounds. First round was elimination round. We were given 30 multiple choice based on GNU/Linux filesystem, general commands, and configuration files. It was quite easier than I expected. The Second and Third rounds were pure shell scripting challenges. Second round was provided with 10 questions for which answers should be in one line command. We cannot use loops, semicolon terminators etc. it can consist of pipes, redirects etc. The third round included five questions which were a little bit large.

It was a competition I tried out without any preparations…and after long six months gap on writing shell scripts.

Finally the results got published. I arrived at Second position. :D

By evening, I got a laptop installed with Debian from Vineeth Mohan, one of seniors at college. I’m now blogging and eating some bandwidth on College Wifi at Hostel Room No: 102.

checkout http://excelmec.org

Official video :