Meeting the priest in the church of emacs

Today I attended the speech of great Richard M Stallman. :) I had planned from last week itself to attend RMS talk at this turn.

I setout from MEC hostel by morning around 8.30am, and reached college. One of my classmate, Naveen joined me to go for attending the talk held at Union Christian College, Aluva which is around an hour journey from the college. We were on the peak of enthisiasm to meet RMS.


When I reached UC college, I joined with some of the geeks found around there. Shyam, Anivar, Mobin were there. Stallman arrived with C00l ! . RMS was received by students of UC college by singing Free Software song. He spoke on “Free software in ethics and Practices”. He was simply amazing. RMS was going on with his job whenever he get some interval, with his IBM Thinkpad. He never missed a single opportunity to speak about the evils of Micro$oft. :D

rms Join us now and share the software, you be free, Hackers.. you be free…..