Android - The revolutionary stack

I could hear the praise on google from everywhere whenever I take urge of talking something about web. It is arguably true that google does revolutionary jobs on the web. Recently google has come up with yet another revolutionary project, Android.

Android is an Open Handset Alliance Project, co-ordinating around 34 different MNCs to build an open platform mobile handset. Android is a set of SDK for development and a software stack based on GNU/Linux. It seems great when compared to whatever mobile OSs are yet avaliable. They are inviting contributions from OSS community to the project android. Also google’s President Sergy Brin has announced 10,000 million US dollars rewards for best applicaitons developed under android.

Android has an emulator software for GNU/Linux. Ecillipse IDE can be used for development of android applications and plugins and can be tested under this emulation software. Java is the base language for development.

See this video to get excited ‘whatz so special about Android ?’