School Admin Project.

Recently I wrote an application for making some tasks at school easier. It was originally written for my father, as he wanted to simplify student data storage and following works such as T.C (Transfer Certificate) issual in his school.

I thought of publishing it as an OSS project so that many schools may find it quite useful. Its written using PyQt framework. I started the project some weeks ago from scratch without any basic plan in mind. Later features were added one by one and it made the code really complex for me. There were numerous bugs. I tired to figure out and fix the most.

Lesson of this project: Plan everything with a basic architecture on a paper before starting to code. Else the programmer will be trapped in between devil and sea of complexity. :D

Platforms: GNU/Linux , M$ Windows

School Admin 1.0 Beta is currently available for download.

Project url :

school admin