Hacking with Qt 3.3

QtAll practical exams have ended and its the little time for fun!

A Telephone number Search C++ program rolled through my mind. It was one which we had for our school Com Sc practicals. I am a KDE guy and a fan of Qt Toolkit.

Today only I got enough time to hack on it although I had tried it a couple of months before. ‘Telephone No Search’ was a console based simple code. Many guyz writing simple stuffs on C++ asked me how these windows and buttons are created ? Is it possible through C++?. Here is a nice illustration.

C++ is a base language and its nice concept (Often bore concept for schoolers :D) of CLASSes and object orientation does the nice job. We can use some tool kits for creating GUI based applications using C++. Here it is. The Trolltech’s QT.

I have wrote a graphical front end for the console application.

Here is the console C++ code: Telclass.cpp

Qt Code: phone-books.zip

Binaries: GNU/Linux

For more info on Qt, jump to Trolltech Site!