Speaking at Sahrdaya

Today I gave a talk ‘The Live CD workshop’ at Sahrdaya college of Engg. and Tech, Thrissur during the program INSPIRE 2.6.

I setout from home early morning at 5am. I travelled for 5 hours on Kannur - Aleppy Express, was possibly a long journey. We reached Thrissur Railways station at 9.45 am which was the correct time..I wondered about Southern Railway punctuality. I had been to Thrissur two times before by same train and during that time, it was delayed up to 11 am. I was received by students of Sahrdaya by 10.30. An interactive ‘Ethical Hacking’ session by Joseph Kodiyil was going there and I attended at it. I met Hiran there and got a nice company with him. We doubted ‘What do ethical hacking mean? Hacking alone is ethical know ? and about hacker definision’. We had some scribbles on that. College atmosphere of Sahrdaya was awesome! Good buildings, Seminar halls, and better better facilities. Disipline found to be well maintained there. At a glance, College seemed to be well arranged and superb! Later I met the principal in charge, HOD - Computer Science and Executive Director. Everyone was really great. We talked them and was really nice experience. I could their effort on maintaining such a corporate atmosphere at the college. Some of students took care of us. Especially some sisters, I forgot to ask their names !. Special thanks for them. It’s the first time I’m having such a splendid atmosphere.

By 2pm, Phoenix workshop session was started by Pramod sir. It found interesting when he put some stuffs about python during introduction. By 3.40 pm by ‘ Live CD ‘ Session was started and got some time limitations. I went on slides…the theory part. Naturally, guyz got bored I think. I had a bunch of different live CDs and I wasn’t even able to show my SLYNUX Live CD. No practical illustration was made there. Time was so limited. It was wound up by 4.30 pm. Two of Sahrdaya guyz came with us to Railway Station. We reached home at 12 pm. Truely the way the program was conducted was nice. But I request Sahrdaya people to bring a complete FOSS program to kickstart GNU/Linux usage there.

Thanks to everyone @ Sahrdaya.