When will our schools become smart?

It’s a true fact about most of we guyz and girlz that ‘marks’ and ‘study’ are quite bitter keywords. Right? Here is a peep into the reality. What makes the students dry about classrooms and studies?. The vague answer is improper teaching, uncomfortable environment and unhealthy competition. May this fact remains in developing country like India. Truly speaking, I never saw an Indian school running without a couple of punishment sticks. The real problem prevailing is that students are not allowed to go on with their genuine interest. We give importance to classroom studies, prominently exam oriented studies and considers it to be the prime duty of children! This make students to lack creative thinking and independent thoughts. School to tution class pattern has become a cyclic tale of these days.

We are in a fast furious flow of IT dominated world. Everything is becoming smart and new. Smart phones, Smart cars, Smart office and even smart cloths has come as new concepts. Modern trend of overwritting old goodies by new stuffs is now dominating the world. Every MNCs, enterprises..the world itself is seeking smart and new. Now Zoom to our classroom. Haven’t you ever dreamt of smart classrooms? Most of you didn’t. That’s why our classroom, syllabus, teachers and we students are sleepy and not smart.

Blackboards!, dusty chalk piece and .. interesting fact I noticed is physics lab goodies. Old needle based voltmeters and ameters..possible it can be replaced by a multimeter. and 1 meter long Rheostat to laugh! instead of 1 cm long variable resistance. Oh what yaar. Time to remember this is IT age..and we have travelled long after electronic age. Don’t even have a force sensor. Computers at LAB are only used for writing syllabus based programs. I haven’t seen any geeks out there. Using non-standard softwares and non-free softwares at schools is bad. Also, I recently noticed wrong thing about C++ in syllabus. The text book widely uses ‘void main’, which is non standard C++ coding and is wrong. Instead int main() must be used. Computer are no longer used for IT enabled studies. ..and about classrooms – They are old goodies avaliable from stone age. What’s new in our classroom? Make a google search on American K-12 schools.They are really smart. We don’t even have an LCD projector..atleast a desktop machine for e-learning or for virtual model illustrations.. This is what making students bored out of classrooms. Some guyz sleep. Wat’s interesting in school for them? Wat crappy theories. Our schools aren’t smart. Primarly, we lack infrastructure and innovative implementation of resources. We are still in stone age of schooling.

In kerala, [email protected] project has done very appreciable work. They have initiated path to smart schools via IT-enabled education. New learning methodology in kerala has created a wind of hope. The project such as ‘VICTERS’ by kerala Govt is giving wide scope of online and virtual class rooms. Hope it will flourish to smart classrooms.

The entire classroom must change. Blackboards must be replaced first with white boards and LCD screens. Computers must become hands of teachers. Teachers must frequently update their knowledge. Thus teaching can be extended to concept level from data gulping practice by visualising the bytes with visuals and graphical stuffs. Learning process become enjoyable and impressive experience. The Practice - learning for exams should be avoided. “The smart schools, smart growth initiative is asking vital questions about communities as healthy places to live and schools as healthy places to learn”. Learning is the process of collection knowledge though applications. Knowledge must be able to enlight you.

Teachers should never become text book regenerators. They must fly to higher levels insearch of teaching aids tuning in with technology. Text books should not play the role of constitution in classrooms. Knowledge is power. It is to be updated and regenerated. The prime motto of smart school is to bring about systematic change in education from an exam dominated culture to a thinking and creative knowledge culture and to re-emphasis science and technology with a focus on creativity and innovation. This will prepare school leavers for the Info age. Now… stand straight..Inject the sense ‘Renaissance’ to your brains. Buld up a smart classroom of Innovation.

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