[email protected] GNU/Linux


Today, I got some time to play with [email protected] GNU/Linux which is distributed all schools in kerala as a part of [email protected] It was Gnome desktop and was on debian. The installation has gone fine. It seemed to be simple and fast comparing to other distros.

But.. I’m not satisfied with its desktop. It’s gnome. I’m a KDE lover. The gnome desktop theme and eye candy things are poor. Its hardware detection also seemed to be poor. It didn’t autodetect my sound card. I prefer KDE for newbies and students. Because, most people are familier with M$ Windows, they are more fed up with graphics, look and feel stuff. in order to attract them we need KDE. KDE is more fascinating and vast than gnome. Moreover KDE is now a freesoftware. I think students won’t migrate to GNU/Linux being attracted by this GNU/Linux. It’s bad at the level of attracting students to GNU system. Ubuntu is efficient among gnome desktop distros. I liked it much.

The best way to bring students to GNU and its ideas is making them aware of the real GNu philosophy. For what GNU stand for? Why do we follow free software? Also about infinite freedom we get from it. We must be able to show students that its easier to use GNU/Linux and its possibilities and extra power with respect to M$ Win. We must be able to make them well understand the power of Linux community.

I’m not complaining about Gnome. I had used gnome…and used to work on it often. But I love KDE.

The most problem the students face will be the teacher's attitude towards computers. Most computer Sc teachers are not really crazy about their subject. They don't realise, the power of this subject with respect to others. For most other subjects, we are not able to do stuffs based on theories, we are only able to imagine it. But for computers we get immediate results within seconds as soon as we type the code or do the stuff. Computer teachers used to teach whatever is in the textbook. Nothing more!! They used to gulp every sentence and words.. and make students to do so. They may be well understood whatever is in the text book. But nothing more. This make students frustrating. They feel it so boring. They start feding up as other subjects for the purpose of exams !

In the case of introduction of GNU/Linux, same thing will happen. They will say ‘Linux’ itself. No ‘GNU’. They speak as usual. They will teach them students ‘What is Linux? Ans-> It is an operating system’ and so on. If there is some note about ‘GNU philosphy’ in text books, they will teach it as ‘History - suject’ :D. In most cases this won’t make students to curious about GNU and start using GNu/Linux. They will use M$ Win at home and gnu/linux at schools due to compulsory syllabus!!

Take my own experience in class. We have C++ in text book and most students in my class feel it most difficult among subjects. The students who score more than 80% in Maths cry at Com Sc!! It’s because they are forced. They used to fed up programs with out logics and used to gulp definisions due to forcing!. Most guys have computers at home and they make it a gmae console. There is a very few students in class who are inspired to subject. They do well. I used to share them new techy bytes and stuffs.

So remember. “Teaching has got most importance in Computer Sc in schools”. Otherwise students won’t get any benefit from it. Atleast teachers must be co-operative with students in sharing their ideas and implement them in schools.

Anyway congrats for those who worked hard for bringing GNU/Linux to schools…