Today, I went to Dr. John Mathai Centre, Thrissur - A part of calicut university for doing a talk ‘Kickstart to GNU/Linux’. It was really a good experience. There were a lot of students for attending my talk. There were three talks. The first one was Mr Joseph’s Kodiyi’s talk ‘Hackers insights’. It was halfway when I reached there. It was a very interesting & impressive talk. He is an investigator in the information security field. He also demonstrated some ethical hacking stuff. I was much inspired of it. The middle talk was mine. I mentioned GNU/LInux history and different phases in Linux world. The third one was an afternoon session - workshop on VoIP technology.. It was done by some people from Bsoft. The two talks were sponsord talks by the program sponsors. I really enjoyed the program.
Even though it was a long journey, I enjoyed the program. I guess, someone from the college will drop a mail to me about my talk. :) Unfortunately I didn’t take my Digicam for taking some snaps. The college campus was nice and a cool environment. I liked it. I thank Mr. Ajin, a student of JMCSTR for inviting me for talk.

Slides of my talk can be downloaded. Kick Start to GNU/Linux, Click Here</a> !